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At LetShare, we're obsessed with making your hotel and conference room management a breeze. Our cutting-edge software is designed to revolutionize the way you handle meetings, events and all the catering around it.

With LetShare, you can say goodbye to double bookings, scheduling headaches, and lost reservations. It's time to take control of your space and time.
Our front-end software enables your customer to compose their own arrangement, the right conference rooms, the A/V equipment they need, the lunch or the diner they want to select. Everything, even up to the hotel-room! It will boost your sales and will give control to your customer.

Join the LetShare family today and experience the future of efficient room management.

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Why Choose LetShare?

LetShare isn't just software; it's your secret weapon for flawless event planning. Say hello to stress-free scheduling, real-time availability updates, and effortless room reservations.

Our system ensures that every meeting runs smoothly, every event is a success, and every user is delighted. LetShare is the game-changer you've been waiting for!

Don't settle for mediocre room management tools. Elevate your meetings with LetShare and watch your productivity soar.

Based on your requests we have now next to our SaaS offerings also the possibility to obtain our IP.
Make it your own, expand it to your needs, be unique!

Curious Minds Want to Know

At LetShare, we've crafted our 11 years of experience into a comprehensive solution that effortlessly streamlines the management of conference rooms and meeting spaces, ensuring seamless coordination and optimal utilization.

Our software magically transforms chaotic booking processes into a seamless experience. Just a few clicks and voilà, your conference room is booked!

Absolutely! Even your tech-challenged colleague will become a pro in no time. Say goodbye to confusing interfaces and hello to simplicity!
Enjoy the seamless and intuitive experience for both administrators and end-users, enhancing overall satisfaction.

LetShare seamlessly integrates with CRM, HMS, PMS and other systems.

Fort Knox is jealous of our security measures. Your data is safer with us than in a vault guarded by dragons!


With our unique BeM offering you can Buy it, expand it, Maintain it
You buy it, it is yours!

You want to expend with your unique features? Go Ahead.

Maintain it according your corporate rules? Well of course!

Our BeM will give you:
In-dependence of the big software vendors > No vendor lock-in
Optimum utilization of your own experienced development department
We can help you with development or you want limited or no support from LetShare? It is your choice
Fully licenced to your organisation
All the IP you or we build is yours

A Onetime fee only!

Your own Sourcecode, It’s yours and you can extend capabilities to the need of your organization


Years of experience


Satisfaction Rate


Our commitment

Choose Wisely

€ 0 / year

Dip your toes in the water with essential features. Perfect for small teams just starting out.
Maximum of 5 conference rooms and 2 users.
Add rooms and functionality for € 450 per room.

€ 35k / year

You have 25 users and up to 75 meeting rooms in your organisation? Then this is the right solution for you.
All the advanced functionalities for less then € 450 per conference room. Ideal to grow your businesses with big ambitions.

€ 150k / year

Go all-in with premium features tailored for large enterprises. Dominate the conference room game!
Unlimited users and unlimited conference rooms.

Buy it/expand It/Maintain It

For the elite few who demand nothing but the best. Talk to us on your dreams and ambitions.
We will make it fit with our unique platform

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Head of development

Revolutionize Your Meetings Today

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Say Goodbye to Meeting Chaos

Discover the Ultimate Solution for Seamless Conference Room Management.

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Boost Productivity with Smart Scheduling

Effortlessly Schedule Meetings and Maximize Efficiency with Our Innovative Software.

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Transform Your Workspace Experience

Elevate Your Meetings to the Next Level with Cutting-Edge Room Management Tools.

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Simplify Room Reservations Today

Streamline the Booking Process and Say Hello to Hassle-Free Room Reservations.

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Efficiently Manage Meeting Resources

Optimize Resource Allocation and Ensure Smooth Meeting Operations Every Time.

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Stay Ahead with Real-Time Insights

Gain Valuable Insights and Stay Ahead of the Curve with Data-Driven Room Management Solutions.

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Immerse Yourself in a World of Seamless Meeting Experiences with Our Conference Room Management Software. Say Hello to Efficiency and Goodbye to Meeting Frustrations.

Efficient Room Booking

Book conference rooms in seconds, no more endless email chains. Simplify your booking process and focus on what truly matters.

• Room Reservation: Seamlessly book conference rooms based on availability, capacity, and amenities.

• Resource Allocation: Allocate projectors, whiteboards, and teleconferencing equipment effortlessly.

• Tailor room configurations to suit your needs. 

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Intuitive Front-end Experience

• User-Friendly Interface: Navigate available rooms, check availability, and make reservations with ease.

• Calendar Integration: Sync room bookings with your preferred calendar apps like Outlook or Google Calendar.

• Catering Options: Integrate catering seamlessly into the reservation process, offering a variety of food and beverage choices.

• Resource Booking: Add audiovisual equipment and seating arrangements to your reservations effortlessly. 

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Real-Time Insights

Get instant insights into room utilization and meeting trends. Make data-driven decisions to optimize your workspace.

• Optimize the use of conference rooms, reducing conflicts and minimizing downtime.

• Prominently feature hotel rooms and meals to boost sales, and reward loyal customers with discount coupons.

• Facilitate productive and efficient meetings with easy access to catering and resource options.

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Unbelievable software! Our meetings have never been smoother. Thank you for revolutionizing our workspace.

John Smith

Incredible product! It's like having a personal assistant for all our meeting needs. Highly recommend!

Emily Johnson

Life-changing software! Our team productivity has soared since implementing this fantastic tool.

Michael Davis

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