LetShare Holding is a Global Inovator in MICE solutions and for the professional B2B. Our commitment is a continuous investment in solutions that allow the creation of wealth, whether through cost reduction, process optimization or sales increasement. Our growth strategy is based on building a worldwide network for professionals that allows them to grow quickly.

At LetShare, we value relationships with technology partners with advanced solutions that we incorporate into our own developments, such as Piaf, one of the most advanced AI systems available on the market. That way we always guarantee the best solution for our customers.

And so we carry out our mission to empower our customers, whether they are hotels, clinics, work spaces, or any other with a solution for more effective management, while offering a way for their customers to reach them. Gain in efficiency, cost reduction and increase in revenue. That is LetShare way.



LetShare EMS
Event Management System

A complete solution to optimize and modernize the management of your MICE business (Meetings, incentives, congresses and exhibitions).

Be it a Hotel, a Congress Center or a company that rents space, with LetShare EMS, the management of your meeting rooms gains an efficiency that allows you total control of your reservations, the search for new clients, a more effective service offering a substantial reduction in operational costs, in addition to the possibility for customers to book online, from their website, which in itself brings an increase in sales.

Cloud Based Solution, accessible anywhere.
Available in SaaS and PaaS!



Increase Revenue

LetShare EMS allows the direct display of the capacity of your meeting rooms, on your own website. Easy access to online reservations offers a direct opportunity to increase revenue. With the creation of packages, promotional coupons, in addition to new customers, there is also an increase in the average sales ticket.


Cost Efficiency

This solution offers direct cost savings with the staff. In some cases, up to 80%! This reduction offers a very interesting ROI rate (Return of Investment) which allows, in many cases, to recover the LetShare EMS license value with a single reservation.

Next Generation Software

 LetShare EMS offers a direct view of all elements of a reservation. A clear overview to, for example, all kitchen, front-office or management personnel. Even in the case of more complex reservations with combined rooms or other extra factors.

New Sales Channel

  Being a next generation software, with a completely intuitive interface, LetShare EMS is available 24/7 and in continuous development and improvement. With this there will be no time to answer a client and your company's responses to your customers' demands are immediate.

LetShare WorkSpaces

Our newest Development. Still in progress.
What we can say is that it will change the way people work, giving them a hole set of new possibilities in what concerns to workspaces. 

  • Online Free 
  • User Friendly
  • Global Solution
  • A new professional B2B channel


Nothing assures more the quality of LetShare developments than our customers. They are the living proof of everything we say about our products.

This relationship does not happen when they buy our products, it is built in the years that follow through the support we offer, the feed-back and suggestions that help to improve our solutions. A true relationship between them and LetShare.

What follows are some examples of the lasting and profitable duration with some of our customers.


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